Guy (2019)
Comedy, Drama, Music,

Production(s): Apollo Film ,

Date de sortie: 2019-15-12

Gauthier, a young journalist, learns from his mother that he is the illegitimate son of Guy Jamet, a popular French singer whose heyday stretched unevenly from the 1960’s to the nineties. Guy is currently promoting a new album of old material and heads on tour. Armed with a camera, Gauthier decides to follow Guy, recording his daily routine and his concerts to create a documentary portrait..

cast(s): Alex Lutz , Tom Dingler , Pascale Arbillot , Brigitte Roüan , Dani , Andy Picci , Nicole Calfan , Stéphan Wojtowicz , Sarah Suco , Anne Marivin , Élodie Bouchez , Patrick de Valette , Julie Arnold , Guillaume Faure , Vincent Heden , François Nambot , Nicole Ferroni , Marina Hands , Julien Clerc , Michel Drucker ,